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Do you love looking stylish, but you can’t seem to put outfits together like fashion bloggers? Or maybe you’ve got the basic outfits mastered, but want to kick your game up a notch? We have the perfect solution for you that is not only simple and affordable but also lots of fun!


This innovative and interactive guide can take all of your discouragement away and help you accomplish stylish and cute looks!!  The best part is that it is designed to help you discover stylish looks that represent your own personal style and make you feel your best every day.  

Have you ever wanted to hire a professional stylist but thought it would be too expensive or you just couldn’t find one? We get it! This is why we wanted to provide accessible and professional style advice at an affordable price!


Since you will have access to Your Guide To Style from your phone, tablet, and computer; just think of us as your own personal stylist available any time of the day, right at your fingertips!

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Is This For Me?

If you answer "YES" to any or all of these question below, then Your Guide To Style is perfect for you!

Is Style In Your DNA?

Do you love fashion and think style is an important part of who you are and how you present yourself to the world?

Know What You Like?

Do you know what you like but have no idea how to put those things together to create great style?

Shopping & Style Help?

Is it a challenge for you to shop for yourself and put things together for a stylish look?

Style With A Purpose

How It Works

Guide Groups

Your style journey will begin in the Guide Me section, which contains the guide groups. The guide groups are designed around a variety of fashion styles, activities, weather and occasions. Some examples are Casual Style, Trends and Essential Style. We may add new guide groups throughout the year for current trends, new seasons and other special moments that might arise; so you can always be prepared for what’s happening now and what’s next!


After you choose a guide group you will see the available guides that house a number of outfits. We designed the outfits to have more than one purpose, so you may see them appear in multiple guides.  For Example, under the Trends guide group you will see guides like Floral, Leopard Print and Statement Sleeves. There may be an outfit that has a floral blouse with statement sleeves, so this outfit would appear in both the Floral and the Statement Sleeve guides.


The outfits have a title and icons to represent what is styled in the outfit. When you click inside the outfit you will be able to see the actual items. Each item (top, bottom, shoes, handbag, earrings, etc) that makes up the outfit will have multiple options for you to select your personal favorite. This way you are able to create your own personal styled version of that outfit! You will have to give it a try to understand just how fun and addictive it is! We also provide a link to shop any of the items directly from the retailer.


Once you have chosen the items and created an outfit that you love, you can save it to your Favorites. Use the saved outfits as examples to style items already in your closet or as a guide in purchasing what you need.

You will be able to create your own customized Favorites Collection and save the the outfit combination in that collection. For example, if you are wanting to know how to style skinny jeans you could make a Skinny Jeans collection and save all of your favorite skinny jeans outfits to it. You can also create multiple versions of one outfit and save them all!  How cool, right?!


You can control what you see! You will have the ability to filter items by excluding any details of an item that you absolutely will or can not wear. For instance, if you will not wear red and don’t ever want to see items that are red you can add this to your exclusions and you will no longer see items that are red. If items such as tops in the outfit are all red the entire outfit will not be shown.

We recommend you use this feature with extra care and only exclude items that you strongly dislike. Click the broken heart on each item to see the details and create your exclusions.

New Content

 New content will be added on a consistent basis to keep things fresh and interesting. Our compass rose will appear in the upper left corner of each section until you find the new items that have been added since your last viewing! The logo will disappear once the new items have been viewed.

Style Tips

Style Tips are listed beside each item in the outfit to let you know more about the chosen item. They may include the reason the item was chosen, how to wear it and possible options to replace it.

The style tips are specific to the outfit and items that you are viewing. Also, look for style tips randomly placed throughout the guide groups and outfits pages.


What kind of styling app would we be if we did not allow you to make collages of your favorite outfits?!  With the click of a button, you will have a collage of the items in your outfit that will be available to share or just keep for yourself. Either way they are too cute to resist! Feel free to tag @yourguidetostyle and #yourguidetostyle if you choose to share it!

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Colors Of The Season

Just For Fun

We believe that colors are an important part of fashion and style.  You may see the colors change with the season on the website and in Your Guide To Style.  They are inspired by the Pantone Colors and will represent the most popular colors used in fashion each season.